Greenville TX Seventh-Day Adventist Church

A small church with a BIG heart

Children's Ministry

Our children's ministry is always a fun & informative place where the young people  learn, explore, share and grow in Christ.  

Mrs. Carol Welch is our Children's Ministry Director who is full of life!  Every time one of those young people share in what they have learned or serve Christ in our service, she is beaming from ear to ear.  Mrs. Carol loves each child as if they were her own.  

Here are a few ways our children interact:

  • VBS - a fun time every summer to learn new things about Jesus, our community and ourselves.  Mrs. Carol always makes it so much fun, maybe that's her way of getting volunteers, and it works!
  • Children's Church - The young people present our 11:00 am service from beginning to end.  Even the sermon.  That's right, our young people bring the sermon.
  • Singspiration - Singing praises for Jesus!  Once a quarter we have a gathering of people from all over who come to lift their voices in praise through singing or instrument and our young people are always involved.
  • Vespers - 1st & 3rd Sabbath of the month where we come and close the Sabbath together.  At times, our young people will bring the presentation for the hour.  

We would love to have your young people join us!  If you have any questions or want to get them involved please come join us this Sabbath.